Mr. Giraldo’s Day31 Ride


Now in Torrey, Hanksville may be Mr. Giraldo’s destination. If so, the two legs from the Day28 Journey Map to the left are included [C to D & D to E], i.e., Torrey to Fruita & Fruita to Caineville. Add to continuation to Hanksville and we have today’s possibility—total distance: 46.8 miles.

The route is mostly downhill with more scenic Utah to be seen.

The "Pathfinders" have been here. I added their write-up below.


Day 24 – Torrey to Hanksville

Tuesday June 9, 2009, 37 miles (60 km) – Total so far: 1,079 miles (1,736 km)

Today was perfect in every way. It all started at breakfast where I had the best cappuccino I have ever had in the US.

It was a reasonably warm day although it started out a bit cold. We had a tailwind and it was downhill all the way with a few minor climbs. We did not notice the climbs because of the scenery and the tailwinds. It was magnificent. and the best day of the trip, without a doubt.

We cycled slowly, in most cases not even pedaling. Where it was not downhill, the wind carried us.

The Capitol Reef National Park is a national treasure. We spent the morning cycling here, taking photographs and taking in the wonder of it all.

The road meanders through the canyon. The stone formations change at each bend in the road, each more magnificent than the previous and in some cases, more bizarre.
We stopped at the Mormon Fruita School house, closed in 1941, which is a one class school accommodating up to 26 children across 8 grades.

The Fremont River followed us down the mountain and through the canyon. I glided for several miles in the wind, hearing nothing but the gurgling Fremont River

As we emerged from the canyon, the landscape took on a bizarre, almost moonscape appearance. It’s amazing how a scene so ugly can be so beautiful

Just outside of Cainsville, we stopped at the Mesa Farm Market where we had freshly baked bread, with homemade peach jam and cheese. The owner, Randy is a wonderful character. He is an environmentalist, a baker who bakes in a wood fired oven outside. We watched him load his loaves into the oven, chatting with him all the while.

Terry adds:

So that was a pleasant rest day in Torrey.

Hanksville is 47 miles pretty well downhill. There is a National Park on the way – more pictures? Forecast is air temperatures in the 90’s which become hotter near the road and in the trikes cocoon – bring more than enough and use lots of water (surplus = shower) – dress in only one light covering. This is Monsoon season, thunderstorms may be close at hand.

Enjoy yourself Mr. G. When you turn south on Hwy 95, biking conditions change … that’s OK, you are tough and smart.

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