Luv my iPhone, but what to do in the rain???

Water protection was recently discussed in this BROL thread. I’ve extracted some of the comments and place them below. Please see the thread for other comments. Thanks!

I do not see anywhere in the iPhone spec for water resistance. So that means the phone would die in your 1st rain storm. If I had one, I’d likely sweat the thing to death!

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As Rafael & Bruce ride, Mr. G may see something like this.

Bruce in my mirror

Everyone loves the mirror shot [self included]. Here, Bruce just happened to be behind me as we returned to our start point after the rest stop by the lake. Note the famous trailer.

If you have not done a Catrike Rally, you should. A nice winter break for the folk who live in the north. It’s normally scheduled for the last of February/first of March. Watch the Catrike Message Board and BROL for details.

Wishing Rafael & Bruce [and Sierra] lots of fun during their time together.

Here is info on the Rafael ~ Bruce meet-up

Bruce & Sierra

You have seen various shots I took of Bruce and Sierra during the ’09 Catrike Rally in Winter Garden, Florida. Here’s one that shows Sierra’s face—cute dog.

On to the task at hand–Bruce confirmed for me that he and Mr. Giraldo have exchanged communications and that they are to meet in Chanute, Kansas, Saturday evening, o8/01. They plan to be together the next 2 – 3 days.

This will give Bruce [Trikebldr] ample time to resolve mechanical problems [Bruce goes to work on Destiny Saturday night, while Mr G. publishes] and for the two of them to enjoy the camaraderie of each other’s company. I’m sure Sierra will add yet another dimension to the experience.

I’m hoping to get sufficient information from both of them to report it here.

Stay tuned…

I am pleased to finally announce…

Final Prep for my Goblin Cricket Tail FairingSilk’s wait for the Goblin Cricket Tail Fairing, storage version, is now  measured in days. I received a message from Mr. Jeff Bales this evening that he is shipping my fairing today. It has really been a long time since my May 25, 2009, order. I’m modifying my iHome speakers. More on that later. I’m hoping by this time next week, I’ll be able to show you my pictures of the fairing.