It is done—Mr. Giraldo’s Day25

Day25 End Off to an early morning start and after a stop in Panguitch [Point A] [to upload pictures and videos], Mr. Giraldo struck out toward Cannonville [lower right side of the map, identified by arrow].

After triking 5 additional hours, Mr. G arrived at point B. We’ll have to see how far he goes tomorrow, Day26.

They are here—The Schwalbe Kojak, etc.

My 3 Schwalbe Kojak Tires and 6 spare Schwalbe tubes I ordered from Nanda at Spin Cyclz arrived today at 6:15 p.m. EDT.

“Who loves ya, baby?”

Now at Panguitch, Utah

Tour of Discovery - Day 24 291 SPOT [Password="Student"] shows Mr. Giraldo was there [Panguitch] about four hours, having arrived @ 11:44 a.m. MDT. Apparently, he used some of that time to upload 348 pictures from Day24. I know you will enjoy them.

He is now back on the road to Cannonville, the map below shows the remainder of the trip [just under 34 miles]. I think it is possible he may stop enroute as he did last night. I publish another article whenever Mr. G arrives at his destination for the day.


Elevation profile

From crazyguyonabike-the 3 pathfinders

RAAM ’09 4-Person Winning Team—Team RANS

T414RANSRickAshabranner_5570 T414RANSGlennDruery_5566 T414RANSTimWoudenberg_5562 T414RANSLartaAtejprtia_5568
Rick Ashabranner Glen Druery Tim Woudenberg Karta Atehortua*
Team_RANS_026 RAAMLogo Team_RANS_031
The Racers   Team & Crew

* Team MVP

My article with the highest number of all-time hits~currently 821 [after just 2 weeks]. The photographs are from the RAAM 2009 website–thanks for the downloads.

MVP selection

Spot and Mr. Giraldo are off–Day25

They departed his camp at Panguitch Lake about 9:44 a.m. MDT. The best for your day’s ride.

Let’s check on our 3 Pathfinders

Remember Roger, David, & Ray [crazyguyonabike] These 3 pathfinders are making their way east:  [Last Update 6/19]

Mr. Giraldo’s Ride Day25

Yesterday was full of unexpected feats. If I recall, Mr. Giraldo wondered about his ability to complete the climbing—NO PROBLEM. I [we] thought he was going to camp at Cedar Brakes National Monument—No he pushed on toward Panguitch, Utah. Now some of us speed hounds though he would have made the town before dark. He choose to stop and camp at Panguitch Lake. All-in-all, a GREAT day, so we give our PROPS & congratulations. He has set the stage for today’s ride–Day25.

For starters, Mr. G will complete his journey from the lake to Panguitch [16.4 miles]:


From there, we think he’ll trike on to Cannonville [33.5 miles from Panguitch].


When both legs are completed, Mr. G will have ridden around 50 miles today. Now, does he have more in store for us today?

See Terry’s elevation profile for climbing information.

Stay tuned.