Surprise, surprise ~ Mr. G continues to ride

No sleeping at Cedar Brakes National Monument for Mr. Giraldo. He rides on and looks like he’ll make Panguitch, Utah, 29 miles from where some of us though he may stop. As I prepare this article, he has about 20 miles to ride and can get there just before 9:00 p.m. MDT.

Well, not quite to Panguitch, but to Panguitch Lake [if indeed he has stopped for the night]. If so, mark that as 40 miles ridden, with 6,000 feet of climbing  and some good down hills after Cedar Brakes National Monument.



Start [A] Cedar City ~ End [B] Panguitch Lake

Tomorrow, Mr. G will have to trike 16.4 miles to get to Panguitch, Utah [and then where???].

Cedar Breaks National Monument

photo by Jeff Sullivan

photo by Peter Glasmacher

photo by Hank Waxman

photo by Shawn Stilwell

photo by ajsavery

photo by Mandy Cardone

photo by Hank Waxman

photo by Hank Waxman

Beautiful pictures as we await Mr. Giraldo’s pics and vid.

Mr. Giraldo has a GREAT day of climbing

…and reaches his destination just after 5:00 p.m. MDT or so says SPOT [Password=”Student”]. He is around 10,360 feet elevation. Mr. Giraldo began the day at 5,820 feet. Elevation gain: 4,540 feet, thus ends Tour Day24 with just over 28 miles of travel. Congratulations on a fantastic day of climbing and the realization of your goal. –jim

Day23 Here We Are

Mr. Giraldo, Day24 Decision, Report #2

Not for him, but maybe for some. Does he make a left and go to Cedar Breaks National Monument or continue straight? We will know soon—SPOT tells all [Password=”Student”].

Day23 Decision

Mr. Giraldo ~ Day24, Report #1

Day23 11miles

Mr. G stopped at about 12:22 p.m. MDT, [about 30 minutes] having now accumulated 3 GPS data points from SPOT [Password=”Student] at that location. He has now triked near 12 miles since departing this morning at about 7:36 a.m. MDT.

Time to replace my CT700 Seat

Catrike has new Seat Mesh [shown below on a Catrike Expedition] for their trikes. They say:

Seat MeshThe new seat mesh is now even better, lighter, slicker, with buckles. It is a breeze to remove it and wash it. It is made with a very high quality material, breathable and resistant. It fits all Catrikes 2005 and newer. It includes extra pockets for wallet, cell phone and others, an air pump holder, and the Catrike embroidery patch.

There is a special seat mesh for the Catrike 700.

I plan to order my replacement seat mesh Wednesday, 07/01.

Mr. Giraldo’s Day24 Ride

Cedar Breaks National Mounment Mr. G mentions a 10,000 foot climb for today. Looking at the Adventure Cycling Association Western Express Route and conferring with Terry, we are thinking a climb to Cedar Break National Monument [B]. If that is the case, here is a map of the area where Mr. Giraldo will be riding.