RANS Xstream in Action

Vodpod videos no longer available.

THANKS to my readers!

For over 5,000 pageviews June 22 – June 25, averaging 1,004.2 pageviews for the period. The high day was Tuesday, June 23rd, with 1,525 views. Our total page views as the day began Monday [midnight] was 34,190—currently, 39,524 page view. To you, I say THANKS!

Mr. Giraldo’s Ride Day22

Day22 Mr. G made it to Milford yesterday. Now, where to today? I’m going to watch and report later.

Today, Mr. Giraldo rode from Milford, Utah to Cedar City. As you see from the map his direction of travel was principally due south.

We think he is headed to Pueblo, Colorado to retrieve his Arkel Bags; or, could there be another destination?

Wabbit-Season ~ This is a Classic


Glenn Druery (Sputnick) [Team [4-person] RANS RiderRANS Xstream] [BROL Thread] [photos by Larry Varney] Larry Varney [Team RANS Support Crew] [BROL Thread]



RANS Racer Rick Ashabranner catching another "wabbit" ~ Larry Varney

Kojak tires are due in Tuesday, 6/30

That is the 3 Schwalbe Kojak Tires and 6 spare Schwalbe tubes I ordered from Nanda at Spin Cyclz.

“Who loves ya, baby?”

My Goblin Cricket Tail Fairing


Not either of these, but one very similar. My tail faring is the storage version. These are pictures [sent to me by Jeff] of the race version, but the color [black] I’m getting.

Originally, I ordered the unfinished fairing with the plan to have some special painting [shadows, airbrush, etc.] done. Well, with the time it has taken to get the fairing and August rides trike I have scheduled, suggested I have Jeff Bales, Goblin Motors have the painting done. In addition, I do not want to risk a bad paint job. Jeff has had difficulty finding a quality paint source in Tucson, Arizona. Since we know that he can get a quality job, I decided to eliminate that risk, and paid for painting 6/25.

I do not yet have confirmation on the fairing going to the painter. It was suppose to have gone last Thursday or Friday [6/25 or 6/26]. I hope it ships next week. I won’t likely receive it until the week of July 6th. I hope it is before then. That will be 6 weeks after I placed the order and paid for all except the painting. This has taken longer than the approximate 2-week after order shipping described on Jeff’s web site. He has sent emails apologizing for the delay.