Mr. Giraldo calls Day19 a day

Day18End No movement of data point 50 since 4:35 p.m. PDT. [Password = "Student"] I thought he would have ridden into Baker, and then stopped. Seems like a curious place to stop. Maybe we will learn why later. –jim

We’ll soon know if it is Baker


Mr. Giraldo is about 16 miles from Baker. In his note yesterday, he said Baker is his destination. He further stated, he did not know if he would get there in 1 or 2 days. Well, he stopped at Major’s Place as he said he may. So, I’m thinking he’ll head southeast at the split. This is consistent with Terry’s comments.

Yesterday’s Birthday Boy ~ Mr. Giraldo

Tour of Discovery - Day 18 011

What will be Mr. Giraldo’s 6/24 destination?

on 6/23, Mr. G said:

June 23, 2009
Dear Readers:
The first batch of week 3 videos have been uploaded. Check them out at: Part 1 Videos 1-7 – Nevada.

Today, I make my way to Baker from Ely. It is an 63 mile leg and just 7 miles from the Nevada-Utah border. Not sure if I will be able to make it in a single day. I am having a late start due to the time used to upload photography and videos. I might have to camp at Majors Junction. I am hoping for the best.

As always, thank you for your prayers, generous comments, financial support, and words of encouragement. To complete this journey, all of these are needed.

Sincere regards,
Rafael Giraldo

So the question today is Baker, Nevada or Garrison, Utah. I’m going one place at a time.

6-24 to Baker NV

Let’s see what Terry has to say. Major’s Place to Baker is about 35 miles. Any thoughts…

Terry says:

Morning Jim
Looks like he is splitting this leg to Baker … I’m still plotting Garrison, for a bit of a jump on the Milford leg, 42 mi / 2300 feet. A modest ride.
Garrison to Milford is 75 mi / 4500 ft and comparable to his longest day ride Eureka to Ely. The leg to Cedar City is shorter, lower but I’ve been thwarted twice from getting Cedar City. I’m running out of familiarity after that.

We’ll use yesterday’s elevation map.

Major’s Place [Mr. G’s 6/23 Stop]

Major's Place

Now I know. Even after Terry talked about it, I did not know. I guess a cool place to stop in the desert. This along Hwy 50 between Ely and Baker, near Rattlesnake Knoll. We want pictures… [we got pictures-at the end of the set]

Terry says:

I only wish I could tell about this place ….
But maybe Mr. G has a story … arrives kind of early on his Birthday … stays till 11:00 this morning … what was he up to? … will he tell ?

The area has a lot of mines, ranches, BLM, Wildlife, visitors. Like the Basin and Range deserts (Great Basin, Mojove, Sonoran, Navajo Lands, Chihuahua), the distances between towns with services (min is Post Office and Gas Station) is large, as just seen going across NV on Hwy 50..
These Roadhouses fill in as community centers for desert dwellers – the ranchers, miners, caregivers … and are as good a human institution as you will find. Major’s, Middlegate, Denio, Rachel. Someone should do a book on these, and include the Hot Springs!

Team RANS Fearsome Foursome


Glenn Druery (Sputnick) [Team [4-person] RANS RiderRANS Xstream] [BROL Thread] [photos by Larry Varney] Larry Varney [Team RANS Support Crew] [BROL Thread]


These are photos of the 4 Team RANS Racers from the RAAM Website

These guys [Rick, Karta, Glenn & Tim] are just awesome!


Another Relaxed Team Rans Racer


Glenn Druery (Sputnick) [Team [4-person] RANS RiderRANS Xstream] [BROL Thread] [photos by Larry Varney] Larry Varney [Team RANS Support Crew] [BROL Thread]



This is a photo of RANS Racer Tim Woudenberg from the RAAM Website

This relaxed and racing thing must be catching [someplace in Kansas].