Team RANS on the move

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No movement for a while

623overnight I think Mr. Giraldo’s Riding Day18 has come to its end at Latitude: 39.0245; Longitude: 114.583. We trust you had a good riding day and will be ready for the journey into Utah tomorrow. Good night, sleep well. –jim

Mr. Giraldo posted a 06/23 blog message

June 23, 2009
Dear Readers:
The first batch of week 3 videos have been uploaded. Check them out at: Part 1 Videos 1-7 – Nevada.

Today, I make my way to Baker from Ely. It is an 63 mile leg and just 7 miles from the Nevada-Utah border. Not sure if I will be able to make it in a single day. I am having a late start due to the time used to upload photography and videos. I might have to camp at Majors Junction. I am hoping for the best.

As always, thank you for your prayers, generous comments, financial support, and words of encouragement. To complete this journey, all of these are needed.

Sincere regards,
Rafael Giraldo

Okay, we have some idea what may occur today. SPOT [Password=”Student”] has shown activity since 11:46 a.m. PDT. I expect he will be underway soon and may ride late into the evening, given the goals stated above.  Today is a birthday ride [his 46th] for him.

Xstream goes home

RAAMLogo Well, almost [home to Kansas anyway].  This afternoon, Team RANS on their incredible racer, the Xstream (a recumbent) will pass along a route through Kansas that is pretty close to where it was "born." That’s Hays, Kansas. TS 24, Greensburg, KS is closest to the RANS Factory at Hays.

Randy Schlitter says:

I will be leaving in a minute to chase them down as they cruz through Kansas. I ordered tailwinds, but got heat and a light breeze out of the south. Beautiful day here, other than the heat, should be a great day for crossing Kansas. To all the crew and team you are doing a wonderful job, the excitement through out the plant is intense, everyone is totally grooving on racing across America, and very, very proud to be involved.

TSGreensberg Map

I understand  Randy has special activities planned for the team’s pass through the state and its arrival at Kansas time stations. You may see RANS flyers soaring above along the route. If I am lucky, I may even get to show you a photograph or two.

We are all very happy for the success of the RANS Team [racers, crew, owner, and employees]. As an owner of a RANS LWB and a Crank Forward, I’m proud to see one of "my own" doing so well. I trust they will continue to do so, driven by the energy of us all. Whatever the end result, I’ll tell you BROL Member will continue to be very proud of this teams’ accomplishments. Congratulation Team RANS. Now, let’s go out and support Team RANS. They are forecasted to arrive at TS24 just after 3:00 p.m. EDT. That is just after 2:00 CDT. The time may change due to race factors [and did, now about 2 hours earlier than the 3:oo a.m. time station forecast].  The best to Team RANS.


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Want to be a BROL member…

…and join in on some of the fun we have. The picture to the left is one of Bryan Ball, ‘BentRider Managing Editor. Here is a bit of a story [BTW, I’ve been a BROL member since October ’05]. Okay, the story…

Lots of readers of my Cycling Experiences… Blog, I think, many from BROL, maybe some who are ‘bent, but not a BROL member. From time-to-time, you’ve seen me use the term BROL. If that is just another acronym or foreign to you, it stands for ‘BentRider Online [‘bent as in recumbent]. But, you ride a road bike, you say. Well, so do I. One can ride both types and enjoy the benefits of both. BROL, with its forums, is an excellent place to join a helpful community of builder, owners, and riders of the many different recumbents. Some of you also ride road bikes. It’s okay to do both. Now, want to know more about recumbents.

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Mr. Giraldo’s Day18 Ride

Well, we have him in Ely, Nevada [having made up the lost weather day]. We have Terry’s thoughts based on his knowledge of the area. What’s to do, but ride. We do not know exactly what Mr. G is thinking, except it is his birthday. I’ll bet he wants to get to Utah [the question is how far into Utah] as a birthday gift to himself. You’ve seen Terry’s elevation map. Here is a terrain map of a trek to Garrison, Utah [approximately 70 miles]. It gets him there and positions him for a next-day ride to Milford, Utah.


We shall follow SPOT [password=”Student”] and see what develops…

Have another GREAT ride [us arm chair riders too].

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A note from Terry [regarding Mr. G’s ride]

I received this note [his thoughts regarding Mr. Giraldo’s Day18 Ride] in my BROL Visitors Folder. Thanks Terry. Again, I appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Hi Jim … some thoughts on Mr. G’s tomorrow … including a link to a map / elevation profile. I’m trying to adjust for the 2 or 3 days after this leg to Utah. He goes to Garrison to cut the distance from Garrison to Milford, UT, which is 76.5 mi., climbing 4500 ft, NO services.

So Ely to Garrison is 70 mi., climbing 4100 ft, just a normal day for Mr. G. On the way he gets to view Wheeler Peak, a snow capped 13063 feet, in Great Basin National Park. He turns off Hwy 50 to Baker. Baker has local and tourist services as it is the home town of the GBNP. A wondrous feature of the park is it nourishes 3000 year old Bristlcone Pines above 10000 feet in white dolomite soil.

So he visits and stocks up in Baker and tents at Garrison, UT just to get in as many miles for the run to Milford on Hwy UT 21. Speaking of lonely highways ..

Terry’s Elevation Map