RAAM ’09 Team RANS

  The photos below were taken by  BROL Member Richard Philabaum and are published here with his permission. Hover over a photo to see information about that photograph. Thank you very much Richard.
   The riders ready to bike to the RAAM start


The guys after the "buzz" cut (Karta's idea!!??!!) Left to right:  Rick Ashabranner, Glen Druery, Tim Woudenberg, and Karta Atehortua
    Team photo last Friday in Oceanside  
Team RANS at the start line rider introductions     The Team Start line-up at Oceanside

Tim motoring into TS5, Rick has just started to move for the exchange (they must cross wheels). Sandy Earl, the Team's Crew Chief is holding Karta's bike. Karta waiting to get his bike onto the "Frogger" van for his riding shift
    Rick leaving TS5 headed for Prescott, AZ    
Rick waiting for the rider exchange at TS5 in Congress, AZ   Rick waiting for the exchange

Glenn Druery (Sputnick) [Team [4-person] RANS RiderRANS Xstream] [BROL Thread] [photos by Larry Varney] Larry Varney [Team RANS Support Crew] [BROL Thread]

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