Mr. Giraldo, where are you going to camp?

39.3754 to Ely

As I have it, you are in the vicinity of the midpoint of today’s journey, with about 38 miles remaining to get to Ely, Nevada. It took you roughly 9 hours to get to this point. It is almost 4:00 p.m. PDT. If you go for Ely, I expect it will take you around 8 more hours. That puts you in around mid-night. I don’t think so. I’m thinking you may ride to the vicinity of Roberson Summit and camp there. So, let us see what Mr. Giraldo decides to do on this Day17 of his epic journey…

A note from Mr. G:

Rafael Giraldo Araque (Fort Lauderdale, FL) wrote at 1:43am
Today was truly fantastic! I climbed 4 summits (Pinto Summit 7,351’, Pancake Summit 6,521’, Little Antelope Summit 7,438’ and Robinson Summit 7,607’), rode for 13 hours and 49 minutes and covered over 80 miles from Eureka to Ely, NV. The weather was great, the light ideal for photography and video. The shoots were exceptional. One cannot ask for more. Plus, tomorrow I turn 46.

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