Mr. Giraldo makes his first BROL post

Welcome Mr. Giraldo [Rafel]Tour of Discovery - Day 16 015

Hello everyone and happy Father’s Day.
These are the skies over Eureka an hour ago.
Rafael Giraldo

Terry’s June 11, 2005, Storm

06/21 ~ Mr. Giraldo says:

From his blog:

June 21, 2009

Dear Readers:

Wishing all fathers a happy Father’s Day! New videos have been uploaded. Check them out at:  Part 2 – Videos 8 -14 – Nevada

Today, I make my way to Ely from Eureka. It is an 80 mile leg. I will have to camp along the way. I pray this time no coyotes come to visit.

As always, thank you for your  prayers, generous comments, financial support, and words of encouragement. To complete this journey, all of these are needed.

Sincere regards,

Rafael Giraldo

RAAM: Team RANS in the desert


Glenn Druery (Sputnick) [Team [4-person] RANS RiderRANS Xstream] [BROL Thread] [photos by Larry Varney] Larry Varney [Team RANS Support Crew] [BROL Thread]


Team RANS in the dessert

This photo of racer Glenn Druery is from the RAAM Website

Ride Day16 for Mr. Giraldo


Seventy-eight miles, with climbing. Mr. Giraldo has expressed his feelings. Whatever his distance today, we wish him the best and we will be waiting to read his words at the other end.

Thanks to Terry, I [we] have Delorme’s elevation plot. See Terry’s comment for additional information. Terry has ridden this route. Such valuable information he has. –jim

Mr. Giraldo’s Day15 Pics are up

Tour of Discovery - Day 15 002 Our road warrior on June 20 [Day15] gives us 175 pictures of  his ride from Austin, Nevada to Eureka, Nevada.

You call see all of his media post using the media matrix page I created for him.


Eureka NV He is done [actual SPOT (Password=”Student”) arrival time at his hotel for the night is 9:23 p.m. PDT. [maybe my prediction was right to begin with, anyway…]. Quite a ride you did. Congratulations!!! Now for rest and tomorrow’s ride—maybe to Ely, and then this exchange:

The latest from Mr. G:

Author: Rafael Giraldo
Date: 6/21/2009 1:47 am EDT Yes it was. Tomorrow, camping. I do not think I will be able to make it to Ely. It is a 78 mile ride with several climbs.
Rafael Giraldo

in reply to

Author: steve bennett
Date: 6/20/2009 11:20 pm EDT So is day 15 the longest day so far riding time and distance traveled ?
day 16 ..camping ?

Where are the camping spots?