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Remember Roger, David, & Ray [crazyguyonabike] These 3 pathfinders are making their way east: [Last Update 6/14]

RAAM Teams roll tomorrow


Saturday, June 20, 2:00 p.m. – RAAM teams.

Lets cheer on all the riders, but especially the ones we know.


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It is official ~ Rest day for Mr. Giraldo

Posted to Facebook:

Rafael Giraldo Araque (Fort Lauderdale, FL) wrote
at 1:40pm EDT
Thank you for your prayers & support. I truly need these. Yesterday, I made it to Austin, NV. I am halfway through the state. The tough part is still before me. Today, is my seventh day and I will be resting. The next four days are VERY challenging. No services of any kind for over 68 to 78 miles. I will not be able to upload photography and videos for a while. No cellular or Internet connections available.

I received Facebook notification of Mr. Giraldo’s earlier posting, but not this one. Terry found it and let me know. Please catch his latest pictures and new video [Video7]. Hope you get plenty of rest sir. We’ll get some rest and be ready to ride with you tomorrow.  –jim

From his messageboard:

Author: Rafael Giraldo
Date:   6/19/2009 5:59 pm EDT

No riding today (June 19, 2009). My body needs to recover. It is hard to go from doing 2.5 hours a day to between 6-8 on this tour. The next four days are demanding. I want to leave Austin ready to tackle what is ahead of me.
Thanks for all the support and prayers.
Rafael Giraldo

Mr. Giraldo’s Day13 Pics are up

Tour of Discovery - Day 13 052Our road warrior on June 18 [Day13] someplace between Edwards Creek Valley, Nevada and Austin, Nevada. Mr. Giraldo has posted 84 pictures from Day13.

You call see all of his media post using the media matrix page I created for him.

Mr. G has also uploaded a new video [shot between Carson City and Fallon, NV].

Mr. Giraldo’s 10:48 PDT Facebook post

Camping on Edwards Creek Valley was a mixed experience. First a storm followed by a 3:00 a.m. visit from a pack of coyotes. Sling shot and pepper spray at hand. But, it was my 115 decibel horn that scared them off. The purpose of their visit was to wake me up and make sure I enjoy the awesome breath-taking night sky. The Milky Way and several constellations were all bright and visible. I was the only human in the valley. The feeling, the moment were celestial. The morning pictures of this lovely valley were posted today. Make sure you see them.

RAAM ’09 Pics



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Call it a "perfect storm"

Interesting question from one of the BROL members below:

Originally Posted by EBent


32 pages on this guy’s cross-country tour! That’s great, but I’m curious why this rider’s journey is getting all this constant attention (he isn’t even a member of this forum). There are dozens of other recumbent bike and trike riders that do this every year and hardly get more than a few posts. Many have blogs or posts on, as well, but never get this kind of attention.

Any of you regular posters on this guy willing to post the big attraction to this particular rider???

(One reason I’m asking is that I’m planning to do a cross country ride next year with my wife and son going from Boston to Seattle to LA on bents and would love to get this kind of support and attention)

My Reply:

The synergy of our interest spurs interest in each other, and thereby the many readers of this thread. I think, to some degree, we are inspired by the interest and comments of each other. We are a team solving various mysteries. Many of our comments are a response to an unspoken team need. I call this a perfect storm for the rider and those who may learn from the contents of this thread. It may well be a resource for Mr. G when he writes his book. Also, please do not forget the Catrike Thread on their message board [now a sticky].

For me:

  • I’ve toured, but not across country. I have ridden 2 double centuries and have some idea the sacrifice necessary to “push on.”
  • I want to tour across country [I biked all across country last year, with over 8K views, my fellow BROL member received the thread well and gave me their support.] This is my opportunity to reciprocate.
  • I have an interest in technology [as does Mr. G]. I started a SPOT Thread here 04/08. Interesting responses.
  • I own a Catrike 700 and may do a week tour with it.
  • I read crazyguyonabike and blog about it.
  • Mr. G will ride through my state [NC] and has accepted my offer to ride with him.
  • I blog and have since 2005. I get to include him in my “Cycling Experiences… As of today, I have published 29 articles on Mr. G’s ride and given a static page to his media. This all takes time. I see what is read on my blog and try to respond to their interest. I do it for the love of my sport and my hobby, with the hope that non-riders may decide to join us in the wonderful world of cycling [my blog tag line].
  • His trek is happening during RAAM [in which I have great interest]; yet, Mr. G’s riding it at his own pace.
  • I love photography and videos [You don’t have the time to look at my uploads.]

I can probably list more; but, you get the idea. I truly enjoy problem solving. I enjoy seeing others meet challenges. Again, I see this as a “perfect storm.” It matters not that Mr. Giraldo is not a BROL members. He is a cyclist, doing something many cyclist will never dare. Most ‘bent riders I meet on the road have never heard of BROL. Of course, I introduce them to it. If I get to ride with Mr. G, he too will know BROL. I’ve already posted links to this thread and my blog on his message board.

I’ve also gotten to know several BROL members better. This is good for me. Thanks Mr. G.

I trust this is useful…



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