Austin Realized, 06/18 @ 2:00 p.m. PDT

Austin 0618Mr. Giraldo arrived in Austin, Nevada approximately 6 hours after he began riding this morning. CONGRATULATIONS Sir!

Destination ~ Austin

Nevada, that is. Mr. Giraldo is making very good progress today [Password="Student"] as he cycles to Austin. Below are two maps: Google Earth and Google Maps graphics of Austin, Nevada. Enjoy your 30-mile trek [see bottom map on link page].

Austin, NV

Austin, NV Topo

RAAM Tweets are the best


RAAMrace on Twitter is a GREAT way to get race snapshots, for example: The RAAM Race Leaderboard is the bomb.


  • Team Wisconsin is now a DNF leaving RAO GVHBikes the only 2 male team left in RAW29 minutes ago from web

  • (Jeric) Me and fellow members of the media team just watched Robic go thru Tuba City. It’s hot here, but he looked strong.about 2 hours ago from web

  • Paul Danhaus (60+ male) has crossed the TS 11 barrier and Ann Wollridge (50+ female) is not far behind.about 2 hours ago from web

  • Chistiansen is the first to arrive at TS 11 completing almost 680 miles in 2 days and 4.3 hrsabout 2 hours ago from web

  • That should be TS 9 for Robic not 11about 2 hours ago from web

  • TS 11 results are coming in as I tweat…guess who’s first? King Robic…about 2 hours ago from web

  • Looks like Dallis Morris has decided to put more miles on those Canadian legs as he now moves through another TS.about 4 hours ago from web

  • Schwalbe Kojak Tires ordered

    KojakPlaced an order for 3 Schwalbe Kojak Tires from Nanda at Spin Cyclz [dealer from which I purchased my RANS Citi Frameset]. The top tire below is for the 700c rear wheel and the bottom for the two 16” front wheels. This decision is based on the recommendations I received from Gregory McLean [BROL Member ~ The Hipster]. Of course the new “feet” are for Silk [My Catrike 700], as I prepare her to be faired.

    “Who loves ya, baby?”

    06/17 Mystery stop

    0617 Mystery Stop [Password="Student"] It appears from SPOT that Mr. Giraldo stopped some 30 miles from Austin along HWY 50. It seems he’ll have that distance to cover tomorrow to make Austin. Two OKs have been sent from SPOT, one at 6:10 p.m. PDT and another just over 3 hours later. The events do not fit his riding pattern. I’ll post more as soon as I know more. There is nothing to indicate problems.

    Map of area from mystery stop to Austin, Nevada