One-Hundred Ten miles to Austin, Nevada

Day11 ride for Mr. Giraldo and the next major town lies 48 miles further away [110 miles] than the 62 miles he rode yesterday to Fallon, Nevada. So, what will he do today? My guess is that he stops enroute. Maybe at Cold Springs [60.8 miles] or Eastgate [55.2 miles], depending on whether he chooses the northern [longer/flatter] route of the southern [shorter/hillier] route. There is also Middlegate [47.1 miles] just before Highway 50 bears off to the left.  Earlier I did a Google Earth flyover Highway 50 to Austin—quite an interesting route. You can’t tell a lot from the graphic below, but here is a Google Map of the topography. Austin sits just off the map, to the east, at the base of Mt. Prometheus

Day11 Fallon to X

Rafael has posted new comments to his blog—no Day10 pictures yet.

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4 thoughts on “One-Hundred Ten miles to Austin, Nevada”

  1. Logistics of limited resourses starts now.
    Like he blogged this morning – Water taps, distances, weather, – he didn’t mention food and lodging, repairs.
    Someone mentioned the attitude of Desert Dwellers – they just don’t allow anyone to get into trouble – they are just right there to step in.
    The north loop Hwy 50. Love those Basins, love those Ranges.
    Middlegate. The Roadhouse is unique, most friendly. Good cook. Cabins or free tenting. Favorite stop for motorcyclists.
    Limited services at Cold Springs. May or may not be open.
    Austin would be a tough 112 miles, 7000 ft climb. Besides, there are too many distractions.


  2. Hi Terry,
    I take it we are in agreement on the likelyhood of Middlegate, although it is a shorter distance than he rode yesterday. Is it the place you stop? Thanks for the information. –jim


  3. Hi Jim
    Its noon and he hasn’t left Fallon. For sure its Middlegate tonight.
    Yes I stop there, actually enjoy it enough to make it a destination stop. I ususally tent where I am. It also is a turnoff going south.

    “Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun”

    Its pleasnt cycling weather. If he gets a thunderstorm, it will be a show – duck safely.

    Can you tell what he is using for pedals?
    Are they generic platforms with no way of securing his feet?
    Hope not – that dangerous.


    1. Terry,

      He began rolling about 12:45 p.m. PDT [I think knowing Midddlegate as his destination]. To my knowledge he has clips on one-side and platforms on the other [I do not know what brand]. As he rode in the rain last night [you called it], I wondered if he put on his side panels and, if so, how well they worked.

      Well we have a true seasoned rider here. You’ll have to give the BROL color commentary.




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