Carson City, Nevada

Mr. Giraldo’s destination for ride Day9. It has been an excellent ride day for him with super fast down hills. The picture at the right gives you some idea what he is likely seeing as he arrives in Carson City.


Meanwhile, there’s Roger, David, & Ray

They are the 3 guys I published an article on earlier [June 10, 2009] who are documenting their experiences at the Crazyguyonabike blog. There have been several days between update. There’s now 3 new pages added to their story. Good read and pictures.

Could this be the dinner location?

Our rider stopped in Genoa, Nevada for about 2 hours. My guess is that he had dinner at this restaurant. My reading is that it has excellent cuisine. He is on the roll again, heading toward Carson City, where I expect he will spend the night. The best to you Rafael.

Mr. Giraldo, now in Nevada

0614 Nevada

Just over 6 hours after beginning his ride today at 10:30 a.m. PDT, Mr. Giraldo enters Nevada on Fredricksburg Road, just west of State Route 88. 

Surprise, surprise…

Although we [I] thought today is [was] a rest day for Mr. Giraldo, he posted to his blog and uploaded videos, then hit the road. He’s riding again! Logon to SPOT and follow his ride [Password=”Student”].

Goblin Cricket Tail Fairing Update

Photo by Mark Mervich

This photo shows Jeff Bales, Goblin Motors, in his Goblin Green Cricket Tail Fairing. I ordered the unfinished storage version 05/25. I still await its arrival. Jeff has had to resolve paint outsourcing. Because of this, he has not started the extended front fairing. Please note, the price for painted fairings has increase significantly. [For more detail, see my record of the tail fairing’s pricing history in the first 2 comments].

Yesterday, I learned my fairing may ship the end of this week [06/19]. Jeff estimates one week for delivery. That puts me very close to the end of June before I receive my unfinished fairing. At this point, it may be wise to have him paint it—but for the new cost??? My original plan was to have both fairings and then have them custom painted in North Carolina. Getting on a painter’s calendar for my August ride time-line may be impossible. At this point, my faired August rides are in doubt.

I wish I had alternatives. First, I’ll check to see if Jeff has had any fairings painted black and has pictures. Then, I’ll decide whether to have the tail fairing painted by him or have it painted here. I guess the bottom line is, this is going to cost a lot and take time.

Mr. Giraldo has uploaded 3 days of pics

Tour of Discovery - Day 6 015 Well, this is what we have been waiting for: [Mr. Giraldo’s connection to the Internet and the uploading of pictures]. Go to his Day by Day page to see his last upload and then select the daily slideshow you want to see or select the slide show you want to see here: