Mr. Giraldo arrives at his Day6 destination…

Mr. GiraldoDay6

…or so it seems.  He has now been at this location for just over an hour. It is 7:52 p.m. PDT. We have no reason to think he will venture further along Hwy 88 tonight. If anything changes, I’ll revise. Good night all…

BTW, in terms of navigation, today was uneventful. Congratulations Mr. Giraldo!

Mr. Giraldo, Day5

Tour of Discovery - Day 5 117I selected this photo [right] from Rafael’s Day5 photoset because  it seems to capture what I think he was feeling after what seem to many watching, a frustrating day of cycling for him.

Tour of Discovery - Day 5 007This man began his day with smiles and graced us with beautiful pictures of the California country side and parts of the Sierra-Nevada Mountains.

It is through the miracle of technology that many BROL members, and I’m sure others, follow Mr. Giraldo on his trek to the east coast. SPOT has allowed us to see his every move [and maybe some he may not really want seen—but we do not know] [Password="Student"]. Thanks Rafael for sharing. SPOT gives us his location on a Google Map and the longitude and latitude of his location. Using those GPS coordinates and Google Maps we are able to find his location and perhaps see a street view of his surroundings as they were taken at some point in the past.

Using this technique, BROL member Terrafirma determined exactly where he spent the night of Day4, where he had lunch and shopped for supplies yesterday.  Several of us pinpointed his retreat for last evening. Well, it is a new day and we are ready for another one full of excitement and adventure. Most importantly, we wish Rafael smooth, accident free riding and that he gets to his destination to post more enjoyable photographs and prepare for tomorrow’s ride.

Some are joining in to offer assistance where they can: