Another ride across America

80 Days Across the US

I learned of this ride from Steve Bennett’s post to Rafael’s Message Board. Steve is telling Rafael that he can get current route information for the Crazyguyonabike blog of 3 aging cyclists [their words, not mine]  who plan to cycle from San Francisco to Yorktown in Virginia, in May 2009  – August 17, 2009. The cyclist are: Roger McDougall—Sydney, Australia; David Penny—Devon England; and, Ray Shine—San Francisco, California, USA.

They are 24 days into their ride. They are telling a compelling story accompanied by lots of very nice photographs. Speaking of photos, here is Mr. Giraldo on Day 4 of his ride:

Mr. GiraldoDay4

Tour of Discovery - Day 4 024
The map shows the distance Rafael has triked the last four days [from San Francisco to the Sierra-Nevada foot-hills].