While RAAM Racers cycle across America at record pace, at least one rider will be doing so at his own pace.

That rider is Weston, Florida Middle School Teacher, Mr. Giraldo. He left San Francisco yesterday, June 6, 2009,  and expects to be back in Weston in about 70-days and get there via his Catrike Expedition [trike].

I am a teacher at Tequesta Trace Middle School in Weston. I teach U.S. history to 8th graders who need to grasp the significance of major events that, though they happened decades or centuries ago, still shape their lives more than they think. By traveling across the country, and recording and photographing the places where that history occurred, I am bringing the past to them in a more vivid and compelling way than does the average textbook.

Follow Mr. Giraldo’s ride at his Tour of Discovery Web Site where he uses SPOT to track and report his ride [password=Student].  Viewers who’ve been reading this blog may recall me posting on SPOT just over a year ago. Well here it is in action. We’ll be able to judge it effectiveness versus some critical reviews.

Also, please check his gear & technology. Here is his video presentation on this ride. There are others at his website.

Expect updates on both RAAM ’09 and Mr. Giraldo.

It’s almost that time again…

In 1982 four men raced in the Great American Bike Race from the Santa Monica Pier, CA to Empire State Building in NY. Since then this classic American bicycle has become an international tradition. The Race Across America draws the top ultra-endurance athletes and adventurers from around the world. Last year there were nearly 180 bicycle racers from from Austria, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Liechtenstein, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Switzerland and the US.

RAAM ’09 begins next week. For race details, tune in here.

BROL has participants:

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