Fairing evolution

GoblinCricket12inGiven the morphing of Jeff’s original tail fairing from the rendering on the left to the production faring on the right, I wonder what the front fairing will look like? I had a few questions relating to the front fairing, which Jeff was kind to answer [see comments in yesterday’s article].

  • Q: Is the weight of the race & storage version about the same?
  • A: The storage version weigh approximately 9 lbs. and the race version 7.25 lbs. The storage version is a little bit heavier due to the inner walls.
  • Q: Will you also flock the front fairing?
  • A: No. The front fairing shouldn’t be flocked, just the trailing part of an aerodynamic system.
  • Q: I continue to reconfigure my trike for your fairings. Oh yes, is a Catrike Velomobile a possibility using your fairings?
  • A: The eventual goal (if you have all of the fairings) is for the 700 to be like a velomobile with the sides open. I want to increase the 700’s speed and help keep sun and wind off of the rider to minimize cancer issues and extend the riding season.

Generally, I like to purchase lighter components and accessories where possible. In this case, I think the benefits of the two storage bins in the storage version of the fairing outweigh the speed advantage that a lighter race version fairing may give. I plan to buy the storage version which cost $100 more than the race version.

Jeff will modify this cone into a Catrike 700 specific front fairing, designed to fair the front wheels and rider.Well, now I know that my front faring will be a smooth coat of black paint and that flocking is only applied to the rear fairing. So aesthetically, do I want different faring surfaces for the speed benefit. I can better make the decision with roll-down test results. I do not know if Jeff’s test will include a flocked tail fairing.

It will be interesting to see how Jeff ties the two fairing together and provides UV protection.

With Goblin Motors’ Catrike 700 Kit, I may well consider riding my trike in a multi-day organized ride such as Cycle NC [Sep/Oct 09].

Author: jalexartis

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2 thoughts on “Fairing evolution”

  1. I have a catrike speed with a bionix system on the rear , I would like to have a custom fairing made for it – would this be possible


    1. Good Morning Alpha,

      If you are interested in one of Jeff Bales fairings, I think so. He says he will expand his product offering to other Catrikes. I do not know when. I recommend you send him an email [ admin@goblinmotors.com ] asking. Thanks for visiting and your comment. Please continue to follow my progress with a Goblin Fairings for my Catrike 700.


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