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_J5V1782 - Version 2

Mark Mervich»Recumbents 5-30-09 [BROL Member MarkE] has been kind to allow me to post 2 of his pictures of Jeff Bales of Goblin Motors [of the Goblin Green Cricket & Tunnel Vision Fame]. Thanks Mark!

This is one of my favorites in his photostream and of the pictures I’ve seen of Jeff’s faired Catrike 700. Of course, this was taken at the Hellyer Park Velodrome 05/30 as Jeff raced.

Link to other videos and the trike race video.

Note to myself: *That Goblin Green color really looks GOOD!*

Keep those cmts coming…

  Comments Today, the total number on comments exceed the total number of posts. Both went over 1,000. I appreciate your comments and enjoy dialoging with you. With comments now leading posts, I think they will hold that lead.  Comments lagged posts by over 400 just months ago.

Thanks for making blogging fun. 




Hellyer Trike Race

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Thanks to British Sea Power [Mark] for the video.

Race Day @ Hellyer Park Velodrome 05/30

Pictures by Mark Mervich

Videos by Mark: [30-minute race ~ currently raw & unedited]

  1. 0-5 minutes
  2. 5-10 minutes
  3. 10-15 minutes
  4. 15-20 minutes
  5. 20-25 minutes
  6. 25 to finish

You have some great photographs and videos [of where I wanted to be].

Thanks Mark for taking them and sharing!


A new blog record

BusiestDay Yesterday, the blog had nearly 500 Page Views in a single day. THANKS! you set a new one-day record of 480 Page Views, beating the old record of 478 set January 04, 2009. it is indeed fun and rewarding communicating with you. I appreciate the time you spend here. –jim

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A low-racer to ponder…

One of my regular readers, David, says I’m not fixed a my current set of 7 cycles and that I’ll buy another one. Well, I have no immediate plans to do so and if I did, FIFO would be a reasonable plan to discharge one of my 7. You see, David is pining for my VK2.  An alternate discharge plan could be could be in-kind. Buy, a low-racer, bump a low-racer. So, what’s the picture above about—just a cool French Carbon Fiber low-racer from Zockra. Hey, I’m content with my VK2 and the Magnificent 7 that I have.  Sorry David…

I’ll bet you did not know…

…that I write reasonably good German. Well, neither did I. Although, having live in the country for 4 years, I do recognize a few words and can get around there. Thanks to Google we can all "write" in many foreign languages. Thanks to the German reader for visits to my blog.

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