Garmin migration continues sloooowly

Garmin’s migration of activities from MotionBased [MB] to Garmin Connect [GC] began o/a 04/8/09. I noted migration of activities from my digest April, 13th, with 14 rides having been migrated. To date, 54 activities have been migrated. Earlier today, it was 46. The migration of my activities seem frozen between 04/15 & 04/24, while the records migrated remained at 32. Garmin Connect officials assured me this was not unusual. I have 451 records. At this rate, completion will take about a year. That’s a year before GC supports my Garmin Edge 305. In the meantime, I am to continue uploading to MB, which seems to exacerbate the process. Anyway, it makes me wonder.  Patience is still a virtue…

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Author: jalexartis

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4 thoughts on “Garmin migration continues sloooowly”

  1. I am just waiting as well. Still uploading to MB, still using MB features until GC has my data and the 305 works. If the 305 works in GC I will move to it and just let the data come when it does from MB.



    1. Hi Duncan,

      Thanks! GC says they will not support the 305 until all data is migrated. As long as we upload [given the current migration speed], I do not see how that will be possible. We shall see…



      1. I suspect that the data transfer will be slow enough that they get the garmin 305 feature in GC before it is over, regardless of what they claim. I just don’t believe them anymore and am waiting for reality to claim their attention.


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