No Faye wheels today either…

As much as I had hoped, it did not happen {again}—Maybe Monday, 04/20.

A most humble THANK YOU!

20K viewsAgain, I say thank you so very much for your readership. It was only 27 days ago that we were at 15,000, and 26 days before that, that we were at 10, 000 hits—now 20K, after only 20 weeks following the consolidation of my blogs and publishing them  here at The experience is indeed fun.

I love interactive blogging. Your comments are inspiring and give me the opportunity to communicate directly with you. So, please keep them coming.

I enjoy looking at the trend lines to see your interest and try, as a “publisher” to respond to you, my audience. At the rate we are going, I have the feeling you’ll continue to amaze me. Again, thanks for the many, many visits and please, hurry back…

With warm regards,


My flickr photostream passes 10K views

Thanks are due here also for the many views of my picture uploadsTHANK YOU!

flickr 10K