Tail fairing preparation

Earlier, I expressed my desire to have my DiNotte 400L Taillights integrated in the fairing  the is currently under design by Jeff Bales of Goblin Motors. There are several comments in this post. If I could work with fiberglass [or knew someone who can], I would get an unpainted box or fairing and integrate the lights in a manner that would not alter airflow form Jeff’s design.

LightingSince that does not seem to be a viable option, I’ve placed my taillights at a location that may work and provide for safe riding. That is most important to me.

LightingI’ve installed each light on the left and right fender respectively. The installation is secure and seems to give good lighting, without affecting my vision. I’ll certainly know they are working.

Now, should I get Jeff, front faring, the question is can the fenders [the support for my taillight] integrate with it? And then, there is the question of where the headlights go. I have the 2 DiNotte 400L Amber lights and my main headlight, currently a NiteRider Flight HID.

GoblinCricket12in  The front fairing has not been fabricated this picture is a concept rendering. As you see above, the rear fairing evolved. I expect the front fairing will also.

I really wish I could smoothly integrate my lighting. Yet, I understand Jell is not likely to build custom fairings for each customer. I have ask and will have to do so again a bit later.

Now that I’ve placed the lights “down-low,” there is a more of a ground glow and reflection of the light off the trike. That is good. Perhaps I’ll be more visible at night. The pictures were all taken with the lights at their lowest level of intensity.


Here are a few more photos taken this afternoon. There are more in my flickr 2009 Goblin Fairings Set.

Lighting Lighting Lighting
Lighting Lighting Lighting
Lighting Lighting Lighting

It won’t be long now!

Components [from my LBS’s 04/06 order] arrived at my LBS yesterday, Wednesday, 04/15/09. That is all except the spokes, which are expected tomorrow . Here is a collage of pictures I took earlier today thanks to the kindness of my mechanic, Woodie Anderson. He hopes to build the wheels tomorrow. We are inching closer to getting this Citi on the road.

Build-up, Step Five

These components are impressive. They are lighter than I expected they would be based upon the White Industry’s photographs I’ve viewed. As it appears now, I hope to ride sometime next week. I still have the former  derailleur hanger & dynamo mounting bracket to be powder coated.