This is cool

A few days ago, I added an Insert Code plug-in for Windows Live Writer. Today, I replaced it with the Insert Source Code Snippet plug-in, which is more functional for me to display my Cascading Style Sheet [css] code. Below is a sample:

   1: .alert-box /* replaces default top/bottom border w/thin box */

   2: /* changes bullet->square; adds space at box bottom,03/15/09 */ {

   3: border:1px solid #333;

   4: list-style-type:square;

   5: padding-bottom:10px;

   6: text-align:center;

   7: }

Note the line numbers, alternate shading, and different colors for various aspects of coding. This eases readability. I’m getting lot of visits to my css page and want to make a more professional presentation. This plugin helps. Thanks Leo, the plugin’s author.

I am having a container problem. the code on my css page should have scroll bars. It does not. I asked [see comment #1]  for assistance from the author. He has responded. I added his reply to this thread’s comments.  I’ll keep the comments current through resolution.