Garmin Connect Migration marches on…


My MotionBased to Garmin Connect migration is now up to 26 from 14 yesterday. I have 449 activities to be migrated. I think this will take a while. This ride was on a cold Florida Sunday from Regis’ Hampton’s Edge to Inverness and return.

{click on this graphic to be taken to Garmin Connect and experience GC and this ride}

Goblin Motors Cricket—another perspective

CT700 tail fairing mockup

I‘ve been brainstorming this. I love the fairing’s lines {curves, as it is} and do not want to alter, even to put my DiNotte 400L Taillights inside. Outside [on the upper area] is not an option. Doing so, would alter the fairing’s aerodynamic effect. Jeff suggested low. That may well have to be. I like my lights high to increase early detection with undulating terrain. Placement on the handlebars is also an option, but could interfere with my vision. Without a fairing to test, I’m thinking low. What do you think???

CT700 Tail Fairing rear