The migration has begun…

mb migration

Garmin connect has started migration records for members digest. The first 14 of my rides have been migrated {click on the graphic above to enlarge}. Although I can see my digest, there is no way for me to share it as of now. I can share individual activities. Garmin Connect will continue to evolve. MotionBased thread on this migration. Link to my most recent post.

Remember this?

Original Cricket CT700 Tail Fairing
first there was this… …which evolved to this

The end of January, I presented the work Goblin Motors was doing to fair a Catrike 700. Well, mid-March Jeff Bales [BROL Member Goblin] received his Catrike 700 and the fairing on the left has evolved to the fairing on the right. My concerns about the aerodynamic efficiency of his former design are being address as the project evolves.

Racing options such as a lower wheel fairing will be available soon.

Now, I wonder what adjustments, if any, will be made to the front fairing. I can see Silk wearing something like this. Details of Jeff’s work is here.

Now, I wonder what is happening in the Garrie Hill [BROL Member CFBB] Camp on the fairing that he is working on for Gene Metcalf [BROL Member] that is to be adaptable to the CT700???

Stay tuned folks. I think this is going to be interesting. So Eric [BROL member GotBent], are you ready to make me a large “Silk” times 2 for the left and right side of a tailbox or fairing like that?