Three additional Windows Live Writer Plugins

Friday, I presented 9 WLW plugins that I use. Well, I’ve added a few more:

  1. Insert Formatted Clipboard [The most function of these three. Allows you the paste rich text from the clipboard. Sections of a spread sheet is copied as a table; web page regions can be copied, as well as formatted text.
  2. Insert Code [I don’t expect to use this a lot, but should I want to explain a section of code, it will be ready to display the code with line number, alternate shading, etc.]
  3. Insert Files(s) [This give another way to upload pictures. I’ve tested, but not posted images using it. ]

…and now there are 2

I‘ve closed my Blogger cycling blogs.

My Cycling Calendar & flickr slideshow remain.

cycling calendar

Flickr Photo Slideshow