My Window Live Writer Plugins

Here we go: [in order of importance to me]

  1. Flickr4Writer [simpler working within WLW, plus additional image control]
  2. SnagIt Screen Capture [simpler working within WLW]
  3. Text Template [I’ve incorporated HTML from other simple plugins]
  4. Twitter Notify [saves my writing the tweet and getting the Tiny URL]
  5. Imtech Find & Replace [amazing, without this pluging, I’d have to manually change text]
  6. Polaroid Plugin [not available otherwise ~ example]
  7. Insert Symbol [haven’t used yet, but functional, e.g., © ® ¢ ° ¼ ½ ¾ ± ÷ ¶, etc. ]
  8. Bullets [haven’t used yet, but functional, e.g., , etc.]
  9. Windows Live Image Search [I’ve found lots of images, just have not inserted any yet]

The plugins I’m using are invaluable and free to boot. They are really timesaver and allow one’s posts to be raised to the next level. I think serious bloggers should use Windows Live Writer or equivalent software, accompanied by plugins that are useful to them. I began using WLW just over a week ago.

Here are screen shots of my top three:

Flickr4Writer SnagIt Screen Capture Select Text Template

So, if you are a WLW user and not using plugins, do yourself a favor. If you are not a WLW user, there is still hope for you. BTW, I’m  now able to have more control over picture placement by using tables, some with lines and many without [like the group of 3 above]. I trust this post is useful. –jim