Additional Mike Higgins’ Blogs

Mike Higgins has three blogs, in addition to his 25th Infantry Bicycle Corps Blog:

I find his interest and research compelling. His blogs all relate to the riders and experiences of the 25th Infantry. For history buff, there’s a lot to read here. Michael is a teacher, currently living in Wyoming. This summer he plans to retrace the route ridden by the soldiers of the 25th. I’ll follow and wouldn’t mind riding with him.

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More information on the 25th Infantry Bicycle Corps

25th Inf BC

Thought you might enjoy a blog I’m putting together. It has a lot of primary source information about the 25th Bicycle Corps. Try my blog if you’d like to dig a little deeper in your knowledge of these riders.

A few minutes ago, I received a comment [above] from Michael Higgins added to my 12/08/08 post on the 25th Infantry Bicycle Corps. I appreciate Mike bringing his blog to our attention. The information he presents is invaluable and from my initial review, his blog is definitely a site that I must revisit, again and again. Click on Mike’s banner above or “my blog” in his comment to go to his site. Thanks Mike!