Garmin migration continues sloooowly

Garmin’s migration of activities from MotionBased [MB] to Garmin Connect [GC] began o/a 04/8/09. I noted migration of activities from my digest April, 13th, with 14 rides having been migrated. To date, 54 activities have been migrated. Earlier today, it was 46. The migration of my activities seem frozen between 04/15 & 04/24, while the records migrated remained at 32. Garmin Connect officials assured me this was not unusual. I have 451 records. At this rate, completion will take about a year. That’s a year before GC supports my Garmin Edge 305. In the meantime, I am to continue uploading to MB, which seems to exacerbate the process. Anyway, it makes me wonder.  Patience is still a virtue…

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Crank Forward Ride Impressions

In this case a RANS Citi CF. First, I think I have to give my overall impression of a Citi [and CFs in general] ride and then the unique aspects of my build. There are few Citi [or RANS] single speed builds. I’ll do my best in this review.

  • Citi

CRW_0285.CRW I was fortunate to have ridden a RANS Fusion CF in Morton, Illinois last July following RAGBRAI. The fun of riding it inspired me to buy a Citi. I think there is a special feeling of control and responsiveness that’s unique to a crank forward bike. It tracks really well. The long wheelbase ensures a comfortable ride and with big low-pressure tires, a lot of road rumble vanishes.

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Presenting Faye ~ My RANS Citi CF

Here she is ~ Built Up

Here she is ~ Built Up



Here she is ~ Built Up

Here she is ~ Built Up



Here she is ~ Built Up

Here she is ~ Built Up



Faye is home, with all her regalia

Build-up, Step Five

Build-up, Step Five Build-up, Step Five
Build-up, Step Five Build-up, Step Five
Build-up, Step Five Build-up, Step Five
Build-up, Step Five Build-up, Step Five
Build-up, Step Five Build-up, Step Five

Add a chain, and we have a drive train

View Drive Train

Sometime between 11:00 a.m. tomorrow and Tuesday COB, that’s what is [a drive train] to happen to my RANS Citi CF. That, plus the items I listed earlier. I have a BROL friend [patmando] who expects his RANS Street CF on Tuesday also. And then there is Andy, another BROL friend [ajelliottjr] who get his 2009 Black Catrike Expedition, dubbed Onyx. Andy is excited and has a blog to tell the world about it. His Expedition is black like my Catrike 700, a.k.a. Silk.

I think this week is going to be a happy time for many. CONGRATS to all the new cycle owners!!!


Eccentric ENO Magic

You may know that frames built for fixed gear or single speed bikes have horizontal dropouts. What is one to do if their frame has vertical dropouts [like my Citi]? The magic given us by White Industries provides a solution to that problem, without having to buy a new frame. White Industries says:

Eric’s Eccentric ENO line of hubs are made specifically for bikes with vertical dropouts.  The majority of bicycle frames made today are made with vertical dropouts, however, converting the frame to a single speed presents the problem of how to tension the chain.  Chain tension with vertical frames can be addressed three ways by using a chain tensioner, using an eccentric bottom bracket, or with our eccentric ENO.  The eccentric ENO is an easy, clean, and simple to use answer to the problem.  The eccentric rear hub allows the rider to adjust the chain tension by simply rotating the elliptical axle ends up and back in the dropouts.  As the hub rotates back the chain is pulled into tension.  The eccentric ENO is available in two models:  Eric’s Eccentric ENO and Eric’s Eccentric Disc ENO.  The Eccentric ENO is a flip/flop design fixed/free.  The disc model is ISO standard six bolt on non drive side and freewheel compatible on drive side.  We recommend running the eccentric disc ENO with the eccentric caliper mount adaptor featured below.  Made in the USA

It is because of the ENO magic that I reconsidered my former plan for a Shimano Alfine hub and decided to go for a lighter, less expensive drive setup. I have a cleaner solution, plus, as a single speed, this bike will take me back to memories of my youth. In addition, I get to ride a fixed gear bicycle for the first time.

As mentioned earlier, Faye has a date. A date with my LBS to complete her build. The next pictures of this bike, will be of her with all of her regalia.


Faye has a date

A date for her build to be finished. Today at 4:00 p.m. EDT, I’m to deliver her to my LBS for the following:

Bottom bracket installed
Cranks & chain ring installed
pedals installed
chain installed
lube and torque nuts & bolts as needed
front & rear brake cables installed
lube and torque nuts & bolts as needed
test ride

This deliver is being made in anticipation that I could get her back early next week, maybe even Monday, 04/27 more likely Tuesday, 04/28. I certainly look forward to a wrap on this and commencing the riding phase.

Fixed gear This will be my first single speed since I was a child and we didn’t call them single speeds back then. When I flip-flop the rear wheel, it will be my first fixed gear ride. I’ll be riding a “fixie.” Here are articles about fixed gear cycling and equipment by Sheldon Brown. Crank Forward Message Board threads.

Now, not only do I need to give overall impressions of the Citi Crank forward, but also its suitability to be ridden as a single-speed and fixie. I think the journey will be interesting. Please stay tuned…