I rang my bell

CRW_0159.CRWMy Citi bike bell, that is. My local electroplating company finished it today, versus Monday as scheduled. This photo gives you some idea how it looks. I’ll say okay, I see a few imperfections. It is significantly better than before. I’m not sure it rings the same. It’s okay and I think will give adequate warning to people where I choose to use the bell. Normally, I just say “on your left.”

This is it!

What is it?  It is the perfect water bottle for my RANS Citi Crank Forward, a.k.a. Faye.
Build-up, Step ThreeIt only took two orders. The REI order that looked like a match on the Internet, but not on the bike and this Sigg Goooaal Sport Water Bottle. I’m more than please with it.

I think I’m on a roll:

  1. The repositioned Topeak TourGuideHandlebar Bag
  2. The "Faye & jalexartis Graphics from Eric of ABCWings
  3. The  Brooks Handlebar Grip
  4. The Sigg Sport Waterbottle

Now, if only I had the RANS fork sans disc brake [since I’m using cantilever brakes] and if my Mirrycle Incredibell Big Bicycle Bell (Chrome) had really been chromed. Well, that correction is due Monday was picked up Friday, 03/27.

As usual, there are a few more photos in my flickr Citi setup set.

The basis for Eric’s Faye

Fayetteville, NC [the city from which Faye’s name was derived] uses a distinctive & recognizable graphic for its name. Eric used it to help me have the graphic I wanted for my Citi. From that, we get this:

Let’s see…

I‘m wondering who’s thinking where’s that other stuff you got? Glad you asked…

  • The bell
  • The Garmin Edge mounting [I already have the Edge, 2 of them actually]
  • The Brooks Handel Bar Grips

The bell will be complete on Monday when I pick up the crown from my local electroplater. The Edge & the Brooks Grips, I have a picture:

Honestly, this is sweet. I like it anyway. Oh, the bell–it is there, but without the crown [until Monday]. Next, add the Avid Ultimate brakes and levers on the bar, just the levers ~ the brakes go where the wheels go.

Speaking of wheels, I picked up a pair of Bontrager Cruizer tires and Bontrager 26×1.75-2.35 tubes [with Schrader Valve] today, just to get an idea what how this build will look. As I said in my BROL thread, “this bike is sick and getting sicker“.  BTW, Fat Franks and Big Apples both lost in the competition to be worn by Faye–she has Cruizers.

Faye Graphic…

…and her it is, along with the "jalexartis graphic," both courtesy of Eric at ABCWings Graphics. Thanks Eric!

jalexartis ghaphic, viewed from the left

They really look GOOD!

Installing the graphics:

I decided to begin with the less critical graphic first. I moved the jalexartis graphic to the top-tube, just in front of the seat post, because of my intended placement of my Lightspin Dynamo on the right seat-stay. First, I tried a jalexartis on the chain-stay, but thought better of it [glad Eric sent an one additional graphic of each type]. The jalexartis graphic installation went well.

"Faye" is now on [1st position] and looks magnificent. I think I did okay on placement. Well, okay is not quite good enough. I decided to reposition [2nd position] the Faye graphic to get a horizontal line that works better with the top tube. I also moved the graphic forward. Photos showing both positions are in my Citi Setup Set.

The graphic are SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL! They looks better on the bike than I imagined. Stunning!!!

BTW, receipt of my graphics was delayed one day because I mistakenly transposed 2 numbers in my zip code [28310 vs. 28301].


Here is a gallery of the graphics [click photo to enlarge] pictures. Others are in the Citi Setup Set.

Citi update [Just a few notes…]

Well, today I had hopes of receiving my “Faye Graphic” from Eric [mailed by Priority Mail on Monday [also from NY State] . It did not happen. Instead, I received my Brooks Handlebar Grips, sent by Priority Mail on Monday [03/23] from Niagara, New York. So, no pictures today. Maybe tomorrow, although we have rain in the forecast. Today was very overcast and COOL. I did learn that my bell crown is to be ready on Monday. I’ll have real *shinny* chrome then.

I like the look and feel of the Brooks Handlebar Grips on my Citi. I’ll be glad when she has wheels so the I can sit on her. I used my spare time yesterday to find a good location for my Lightspin Dynamo. I wanted to mount it on the front fork as my generator was back in the day. My bracket is to small for the fork and would likely interfere with the cantilever brakes. I could not find a suitable aftermarket bracket.

While you can mount the dynamo backwards, ideally the dynamo should be positioned ahead of the mounting point. In other words, if mounted on the fork, the dynamo should be in front of the fork, not behind it. In case the mount should come loose, the dynamo could jam between the spokes and the fork blade if it’s mounted behind the fork blade, If it’s mounted in front, it could bounce around some, but it’s not likely to jam and cause a crash.

I spoke with a dealer who informed me that it is *illegal* to place a dynamo on the fork without a dynamo braze-on mount. I questioned him on a U.S. law that says no. He says there is one. I doubt that, and find nothing supporting his claim in my search. The issue being that if the dynamo were to fall off, it could result in the rider going down if the dynamo were to jam into the spokes. My reading [Peter White Cycles ~ quote left] is a dynamo should not be mounted behind the fork [for the reason stated]. It should be in front and then if it detaches it will bounce, rather than lodge in the wheel. Instead of  pursuing fork mounting, I moved my planning to the rear wheel.

I had the dynamo mounted on my RANS SXP on the left seat brace [which happened to be more vertical]. It worked well there. Without a wheel, with tire in place, it is more difficult to position.  Using a 26″ front wheel [no tire] and a rear axle, I determined the right seat-stay will work. I altered my wiring for a power feed from the rear rather than the front of the bike.

My original brake cable conduit still works, now delivering power to the headlight. I tested by hand spinning the Lightspin and all is well. The front end is cleaner than it would have been. I’ve wire the back so that it is neat; although, I have a bit more wire than I’d like. I’m plugging a lead for both lights into the dynamo. I could have run one lead to the taillight and split the power to the headlight from there.

Anyway, the project is complete–the results are good. Now, to have the bracket painted black…

My chronical of Lance Armstrong’s surgery day, 03/25

It is good to hear for Lance again. Wishing him a speedy recovery…