Faye has a stand…

…a kickstand, a Greenfield Industries Stabilizer Kickstand, purchased from my LBS and installed today.
Build-up, Step Three

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Another perfect match

Still on a roll–my Rudy Project Horus Red Velvet Sunglasses match my RANS Citi Crank Forward perfectly. I’ve had these glassed since 2006. They work well with several of my cycles–glad they work here.
Build-up, Step Three

Space Shuttle Discovery has landed

From NASA: Mission Control has given space shuttle Discovery a “go” for the deorbit burn. The burn lasts three to four minutes, slowing Discovery enough to begin its descent. The deorbit burn will occur at 2:08 p.m. EDT, leading to a 3:14 p.m. landing at Kennedy Space Center, Fla.