I rang my bell

CRW_0159.CRWMy Citi bike bell, that is. My local electroplating company finished it today, versus Monday as scheduled. This photo gives you some idea how it looks. I’ll say okay, I see a few imperfections. It is significantly better than before. I’m not sure it rings the same. It’s okay and I think will give adequate warning to people where I choose to use the bell. Normally, I just say “on your left.”

This is it!

What is it?  It is the perfect water bottle for my RANS Citi Crank Forward, a.k.a. Faye.
Build-up, Step ThreeIt only took two orders. The REI order that looked like a match on the Internet, but not on the bike and this Sigg Goooaal Sport Water Bottle. I’m more than please with it.

I think I’m on a roll:

  1. The repositioned Topeak TourGuideHandlebar Bag
  2. The "Faye & jalexartis Graphics from Eric of ABCWings
  3. The  Brooks Handlebar Grip
  4. The Sigg Sport Waterbottle

Now, if only I had the RANS fork sans disc brake [since I’m using cantilever brakes] and if my Mirrycle Incredibell Big Bicycle Bell (Chrome) had really been chromed. Well, that correction is due Monday was picked up Friday, 03/27.

As usual, there are a few more photos in my flickr Citi setup set.