My chronical of Lance Armstrong’s surgery day, 03/25

It is good to hear for Lance again. Wishing him a speedy recovery…

Let’s have air [for the unexpected flat]

I‘ll use my Quickex Quicker Pro [purchase January ’08 for my trike] as my air source for the Citi. I’ll carry it in the Topeak Bag, rather than display it. It’s a good pump, but did not work well once I put the wheel covers on the trike. It will be perfect for the Schrader Valves and relatively low-pressure tires.

Ordered this water bottle

I hope the bottle works better than my previous order. That bottle was too large for my cage and was not a good color match. It is more difficult to discern those type problems what you are buying online. This is a Sigg Sport Water Bottle and should fit the bottle cage. Looking at the picture, I think the red will match okay.

Anyway, I like the blend of red & black, with shades of gray. So what, if soccer is depicted. I’m having it shipped by USPS [priority mail ~ that means 2nd-day delivery], the cheapest of the 3 options available. I may see it by the weekend or early next week. Stay tuned for the photographs. I hope to have the Brooks Grips by then.