Citi build-up update

Following is an update of Citi build-up activities over the last two days:

  • Yesterday, 03/23 I received the Mirrycle Incredibell Big Bicycle Bell (Chrome). Although it is sold as chrome, I do not think so. It is not shinny as I expected or see in pictures. I polished it and got more luster, but still not what I expected. Today, I took the crown to a local electroplater to be  chromed. From the work I saw and the assurance I received, I’ll have the bell I want for this bike.
  • Today, around 2:45 p.m. EDT,  I received these items from Peter White Cycles:
  1. The Lumotec IQ Cyo (R) Plus;
  2. The Lumotec Headlight Mount for bikes with Cantilever brakes; and
  3. Seculite Plus (6 volt) taillight
  • I spent the majority of the time after receipt installing the lights on the bike, wiring and testing them. The frame ground works, the LightSpin Dynamo works. The wiring, including soildering and heat shrink tubing is complete. With regard to lighting, I like what has been accomplished.
  • I also install plugs to fill the holes left in the Topeak Tourguide Handlebar Bag when I modified it to be mounted on the stem versus the handlebar.

Tomorrow, I should receive the Faye & jalexartis graphics. I’ll put those on the bike and get pictures of what has been completed since the last photo shoot. Later this week, my Brooks Handlebar grips may arrive. They were mailed yesterday and are projected to arrive on the 31st. I think I’ll have them before then.

One more thing. I almost forgot. After modifying the Topeak bag, I install a bracket that will hold my Garmin Edge 305 [should I decide to record a ride]. Remember, this is my knock around bike.