With much gratitude ~ 15K Views

10k Milestone

I‘m amazed and quite thankful. In just 26 days after the blog had 10,000 views/hits [post above], we are at 15K. At this rate, we will be at 20,000 before the end of April. That’s a whole month ahead of the first 10K, which I am deeply appreciative of. Hey, keep coming and please give me your comments. I’m still trying to keep the blog interesting and I hope also looking worthy of your visits. Again, thank you very much!!! –jim

…and here is the finished “Faye Graphic”

Albeit, not on my Citi, but on Eric’s wife’s RANS Cruz Crank Forward and his RANS Street CF. Photos by Eric and used with his permission.

Faye on other CFsCheck the name “Candy” on his Street Crank Forward. I think the “Faye Graphic” will look great on Faye, my Citi CF. The pics are the final version of the graphic, but put on contact paper to give Eric mockup and repositioning ability. THANKS Eric!

Now to wait for the mail..