Here’s the pair [of identifying graphics]…

…for [background] my RANS Citi Crank Forward. Thanks Eric!

Faye Selection

Today Fay [my Citi] became Faye

Thanks to “my” graphics design artist, Eric [BROL member GotBent], who is working to design a name graphic for my Citi. Earlier, I tagged her Fay [short and the abbreviation for Fayetteville, North Carolina]. I sent Eric a link to the image I want for her name. Given the graphic work and his judgment as a graphics designer, he recommended we change her name to Faye. I’m cool with that. I now have 4 renditions of his artwork from which to choose.

Faye Group

We are leaning toward the old-school Paramount look. I know thicker vinyl is less likely to be damaged. So, there is an advantage to its selection. Plus, neither the black or white will be under-seen or overpowering. At this point my second choice is the black one. Initially, I asked for white so that it will stand out. I think it may stand out too much.  What are your thoughts. If there were time, I’d poll for a ranking of the four.

In addition, Eric is doing a “jalexartis” for the seat stay. Now to decide on its color. I’m thinking white because of its small size. Eric says being consistent–white, with black border [graphic above in my “Here is the pair…” post].

Now, you ask how can you contact Eric and where can you see samples of his work? Well, here at ABCWings Graphics. I’m really impressed with Eric’s work. Thanks Eric for working with me today and creating a special graphic for my RANS Citi Crank Forward.