Topeak TourGuide Handlebar Bag in place

Build-up, Step TwoNot where Topeak would have expected me to place it. The mounting bracket, now on the stem, was suppose to have gone on the handlebar. The bracket and fillers are much to large for the O.D. of my bars. I did not measure before I ordered–glad I didn’t because I may not have ordered or focused on adapting the mount to my bars. Without fillers, the mount is a perfect fit on the stem.

I think it looks much better mounted lower on the front of the bike than higher, plus I’ll have a better view of the road, as well a map or cue sheet.

To place the bag here, I removed the stiffener and rotated the male part of the mount and its back [that is inside the bag] to allow for side-mounting as opposed to top-down mounting [as it would have been]. Of course, I will not be able to use the computer mounting bar–that’s okay. I now have to fill the 4 holes that were used for the horizontal mounting. The bag is spacious and even comes with a rain cover. I’ve added 19 photos to my flickr Citi build-up set. Below is a gallery of photos pertaining to this bag.