This is what I did today

With this build-up, I am trying [as I have with my other cycles] to keep things neat–in this case, the wiring for my lighting system. Rather than using my DiNotte lights, I’ve decided to use a wheel dynamo. Back in the day, we simply called it a generator. I had one on my 3-speed English Racer. So, where will it [the generator] go? I installed it on the back wheel of my RANS Stratus XP. My English Racer had the generator up front. Therefore, I want to do the same on Fay. The questions are, how to neatly get the wire to the back for the taillight and where shall I place it? On my RANS SXP, I routed many wires in a vinyl tube that I secured to beneath the bottom tube. Such will not look neat on this bike.

After a lot of thought, I decided to place the wires in a small conduit. The best I came up with is a brake cable housing in the rear derailleur channel [since I’m doing a fixie & single speed build]; but, can it carry a pair of wires. I don’t think so. Now, how do I neatly get 2 wires from front to back?

Wait! Why not use the bike as a wire and then route one wire. Hey, that will work. Now to check the frame’s continuity. Two issues, the anodized seat post and the front fork. I cleaned a spot just beneath the seat [on positioning: I always want my taillight as high as possible] and then cleaned large areas below the maximum extension line so that the seat post is electrically a part of the frame. Several continuity checks and we now have good contact. I’d like to have the wire welded to the post. The problem with the fork is that some of the powder coat covered areas that precluded “electrical” contact with the frame. Scrap, scrape, and we have continuity–wire to fork. Very good!

Now, to get a longer piece of cable housing–done.

I spent a major part of the morning fashioning a bracket for the taillight that allows me to angle it as needed, based on seat position, and accommodate the cable housing. I have a bracket where a back caliper brake would go to keep the brake housing [now conduit] taunt. Pulled the wire. The wire ends are positioned for connection to the respective lights. I’ll cover any exposed wire with black heat shrink tubing.

I expect the lights to arrive early next week. Tomorrow, the Topeak Handlebar Bag and the REI order are scheduled to arrive. I’ll add a gallery of pictures sometime tomorrow–03/20. I trust my words here are sufficiently descriptive to allow understanding of what I’ve done.

Another order placed…

I‘ve decided to get the headlight & taillight. The best pricing I found is at Peter White Cycles. I purchased from him last in 2006–a SON Hub & 2 wheels for the RANS Stratus XP. More of the essentials [see yesterday’s order] are out of the way. I will use my LightSpin Wheel Dynamo. The lights below are LED and are relatively classic, with a modern touch. So, the lighting task is complete. Now, only mirrors remain for consideration.

Item Quantity Ordered Place of Purchase Shipping Date Expected Arrival Date
Lumotec IQ Cyo (R) Plus 1 Peter White Cycles 03/19/09 03/24/09
Lumotec Headlight Mount for bikes with Cantilever brakes
1 Peter White Cycles 03/19/09 03/24/09
Seculite Plus (6 volt) taillight 1 Peter White Cycles 03/19/09 03/24/09

SeculiteLumotec IQ Cyo (R) Plus Headlight
I’ve spent the majority of the day preparing the bike for the dynamo powered lighting system. I have something special to share. I have to go out now and have a 7:00 p.m. meeting. I’ll try to describe it later tonight, with pictures tomorrow. I think it is unique.