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Blog refinements continue…

Yesterday’s refinements are in place. Today, I’ve done a bit of polishing and work on the sidebar. I have 2 items outstanding [that is I need help with the following]: 1) restoration of the blockquote graphic Still not working, although Drew verified the code works; and, 2) control line-height in widget textboxes [resolved using html within the textbox–Drew corrected my code from <span> to <p> {worked in IE, but not FireFox.]

If you are wondering about venturing into css [Cascading Style Sheets], although it may take a bit of time, I think the results are definitely worth the $15 annual cost for the WordPress upgrade. With the use of the Vigilance Master.css file by Drew Strojny, his help and lots on Internet searching, I was able to produce the code you see below. THANKS Drew!!! I’ve not done css programming before. If I can do it, so can you. See my css coding here.