Should it be a Fat Frank?

Not the dog, not your uncle, but the tire/tyre:

My BROL friend Z said in my Citi setup thread, Post #11: “You really want a tire with the ‘look of yesteryear’? Check out Schwalbe’s Fat Frank. Great looking tread, 2.35″; size, and available in black, creme, or brown. I think the creme with the RANS red frame… oh yeah.”

Would either on of these tires look good with the RANS Citi? I’m thinking I can over do the black contrast with the red and that maybe the cream Fat Frank Tire may just be good to brighten Fay up. So, what do other bikes look like with Fat Frank tires? Glad you asked.

Yesterday, I picked up my now painted fork [from my local power coating place ~ Final Touch Powder Coating ~ Great Job!] My fork is black which raises the question I posed above. I’ll post pictures later today of the frame with the black fork.

I want your thoughts. Please post a comment.

Author: jalexartis

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4 thoughts on “Should it be a Fat Frank?”

  1. Hmm, I easily see the black and red combo in my mind and I like it. I’m not sure it can be overdone. The creme tire against the black fork comes to mind nicely as well but I get stuck with the creme and red contrast. The creme and red contrast would definitely be a color pairing that would be different and stand out in a crowd. Still, being a traditionalist 🙂 I’m leaning toward the black and red all over…

    — Zeke


  2. Thanks Zeke. Your thoughts help. I’m also at black & red, but want to fairly consider all for a bike the look good, but not gaudy. Are you okay with the fat Frank tires. They are 2.35″ wide. I’d prefer no wider than 2-inches. –jim


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