Newly powder coated fork

Here it is… [BROL post on this step]

Build-up, Step One

Citi Setup flickr set

Build-up Step One Collage

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4 thoughts on “Newly powder coated fork”

  1. If you want to blacken the seatpost just get some neoprene and sew in some velcro. You’ll be able to wrap it around the post once it’s on the bike and when you want the seat off it’s not a big deal to remove.


    1. Hi Vik, That’s a great idea. I like it better than my heat-shrink tubing idea or power coating the part of the post that will never go into the seat tube. I can work the neoprene like a sock. THANKS for the idea. It is a keeper!!! –jim


    1. I asked RANS about that. They think I may have a tolerance issue. The “sock” idea is a GREAT one. I may well have a hard anodize of the post once I’m in a city where I can speak directly with the company doing the job. I’m not that lucky here in my town. –jim


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