It’s near time to order Citi Components

At least time to confirm prices to fit them into my budget. My initial shopping list has been revised, given the slight change in build-up. Now to get this list to my LBS for pricing. This order will be all the White Industries components. {click on the image for a sharper presentation}

Shopping List

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2 thoughts on “It’s near time to order Citi Components”

  1. Just one issue about your build comes to my mind – the RANS CFs are hard to stand up on while riding and I found using a wide range of gears essential since I could stand up to accelerate at a light or climb a hill.

    If you run SS/Fixed you may be very limited in the terrain you can ride and you may have issues selecting a gear ratio that is knee friendly for accelerating off a start/climbing a hill while being high enough to get a useful cruising gear.

    If you watch SS/Fixed riders they get out of the saddle a lot to change their leverage on the cranks and use their body to generate a wider gear ratio.

    Just a thought.




  2. Hi Vik,

    I appreciate the thought. I need all of them that I can get. My reading is that the Citi, relative to handlebar is the easiest of the RANS CF to stand up on. I’m in a relatively flat area and think I can work the hills leg-wise. If my build-up is all wrong, I trust I can use/sell the wheel. There is a guy [Noobie] riding a SS Zen. It would be nice to try one [a Citi]. I guess I will–mine.

    Hey the RED is sweet!




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