An admission of an error by Garmin

UPDATE 5 March 2009: We have posted an update to the Garmin Connect Status Page. We are very sorry that we missed this latest deadline and we hesitate to give further updates with promises of release dates. We realize that we have not handled the updates properly and we are sorry for missed release dates and sloppy updates. You the customer deserve better. We do hope to provide better with the migration and release planned for mid-April.  Thank you for bearing with us, and we hope you accept our apologies.

We do hope to provide better with the migration and release planned for mid-April.

I found the above in the MotionBased Blog which seldom get updated. I wonder if the sentence to the right [extracted from the quote above] means the migration is not happening now? From the MB Forum, many Garmin customers/Edge users are frustrated. Many have moved on.

Some are on hold in the hopes that Garmin Connect will meet our data recording needs. Some of us paid for the upgrade to the free MB account to have access all of our activities with more advanced analysis, reports, and mapping — including use of the Analyzer and Dot Racing. The upgrade is to be a part of Garmin Connect [Garmin Connect Plus], which has also been delayed [Garmin’s September 2008 remedy] because of problems with roll out of Garmin Connect. If my dates are correct, Garmin Connect was promised to us in December 2007what a DELAY!

The first version of Garmin Connect is scheduled to launch in October 2007 to exclusively support the recently announced Forerunner 50, Garmin’s low-cost fitness watch, through automatic wireless downloads. The second release of Garmin Connect is scheduled to launch in December 2007 adding GPS support for use with other Garmin products and will inherit the MotionBased customer and activity database, which currently stores more than 1.5 million public activities and is growing at a rate of 3,500 per day.

Now we are left to wait, with no information flowing…

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8 thoughts on “An admission of an error by Garmin”

  1. Honestly Duncan, with all that I’m seeing and reading, I am not confident that anything positive will happen soon for the Garmin legacy device [e.g. Edge 205/305] user. Garmin says it is hesitant to make future update announcements. I’d think If they had know in the beginning what the have experienced since 2007, they would have done this differently. There has been nothing but disappointment for those who’ve been waiting for this change. It began with problem with MB that Garmin decided it would not fix because the “new” Garmin Connect would resolve those issues. Well we are still waiting. I have paid for 3 years of service. I’m disappointed to say the least, yet I hope for the best. Let’s see what happens…



  2. With regard to data uploads to MotionBased, all data is be migrated to Garmin Connect. The question is when and what functions will work when it is there. Continuing to upload to MB is the correct thing to do for those with legacy devices. –jim


  3. Hi Andy,

    I do not. I think this problem relates to Garmin Connect & MotionBased only, although there is always the risk of spillover when there a problem at a company. As I read the MB Forum [currently unavailable], there are consumers who now have a different attitude toward Garmin. I use their Nuvi 760 and other products with no problem. I hope this helps…



  4. I noted in the WordPress.Org hosting of my blog that the MotionBased Forum was back up today at 11:44 a.m. EDT, 03/09. Now, at 5:00 a.m EDT, 03/10, MB Forum is down again…


    1. Hi Minty,

      I understand your actions. I hate to loose the 3 years of data I have with MotionBased. It is certainly frustrating to have been promised a functioning GC long ago [2007] and 2 years later to not have it and not really know where those who are waiting stand. I’ll have to check out SportsTracks. Thanks for the visit and comment. I appreciate your compliment on the blog. –jim


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