Just the frame…

Well, what direction will this build-up take? For starters, I’ve removed the light decals. I have a set of black replacement decals. I’m not likely to put them on. I like the frame simple. I really looks good in person. The photos do not do it justice.

I have taken the fork and handlebar to be powder coated satin black. The handlebar is shinier than the riser stem. I prefer a better match. I also plan the have the seat stem anodized black.

Now for components. Based on recent research and hours of study. Fay [her name] may be the first CF fixie/singlespeed Crank Forward that I can find evidence of. I know Randy Schlitter sees the Citi as a fixie candidate and has a CF in mind. He’ll say more if desired.

I’ll begin to detail in my blog the direction Fay will take. Going in the fixie/single speed setup allows me to save cost & weight over the Shimano Alfine Component Group I originally considered. I want this bike to be as old school as I can remember from a 3-speed or was it single speed I rode earlier in my life. Fixie research is a lot of fun.

I’m hoping to get lots of help & comments here and on my blog.


BROL Threads started by me on my Citi:

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3 thoughts on “Just the frame…”

  1. E-mail I sent to Nobbie

    Hi Sir,
    I am James, the new owner of a RANS Citi CF frameset. I’m planning to set it up as a fixed-gear / single speed bike. Nanda referred me to your work with the Zenetik

    I write a blog where I have a series of post on my Citi. I welcome your visit and comments on your experiences in setting up your single speed. For example, I know a fixed-gear can go w/o a rear brake and I see you are not using one. Is your Zen a Fixie or single speed?

    I’ll post my other plans soon. Please comment on anything I’m doing where you know I can benefit from your experience.

    I appreciate it.

    Jim Artis

    BTW, I’m also on BROL as jalexartis

    Take care…


  2. Noobie Reply:

    Hi Jim,

    I have followed your posts before. Yes, my Zen is a single speed, not a fixie. I am too old to handle a fixie. I opted for a front brake only setup, merely for simplicity and weight savings.

    I think the one issue you will have is with chain tension. Since the dropouts are vertical and not horizontal. I tried different chains. A half link. And ended up with a phantom chain ring that really does the trick. If you can avoid a phantom ring, go for it. But for me, I would either get the chain hopping off the rear cog or just a lot of stiction and slippage with too much tension.

    Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with.

    On another note, I’ve been lusting after a Catrike 700. I’m building up a silver Zen and hoping I can trade it for a trike with someone. Much like Dave Hanson (Mandrake1051) was able to do with his. Let me know if you know of anyone interested in exploring a trade, eh?

    Okay, must dash.




  3. Reply to Noobie:

    Thanks for the reply. The White Industries Eric’s Eccentric Hub is suppose to resolve the chain tension problem. I’ll see how it goes. I take it that you have no problem standing and riding when you choose. I’m also thinking about a front brake only. I think I’ve seen your silver Zen on the board. I do not know of anyone look to let their 700 go. I’ll keep my ears open. I have a bit of contact with 700 owners. Thanks for the quick reply. I’d like to incorporate in my blog comments, if that is OK with you. THANKS! –jim


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