RANS Citi CF Q&A update

In late December I posed several questions relating to the purchase of my Citi CF. Below are today’s updates to those question and answers. I’m taking the Citi in a slightly different direction. That being more minimal ~ fixed gear/single-speed. This Q&A reflect that change.

Q&A Update

Just the frame…

Well, what direction will this build-up take? For starters, I’ve removed the light decals. I have a set of black replacement decals. I’m not likely to put them on. I like the frame simple. I really looks good in person. The photos do not do it justice.

I have taken the fork and handlebar to be powder coated satin black. The handlebar is shinier than the riser stem. I prefer a better match. I also plan the have the seat stem anodized black.

Now for components. Based on recent research and hours of study. Fay [her name] may be the first CF fixie/singlespeed Crank Forward that I can find evidence of. I know Randy Schlitter sees the Citi as a fixie candidate and has a CF in mind. He’ll say more if desired.

I’ll begin to detail in my blog the direction Fay will take. Going in the fixie/single speed setup allows me to save cost & weight over the Shimano Alfine Component Group I originally considered. I want this bike to be as old school as I can remember from a 3-speed or was it single speed I rode earlier in my life. Fixie research is a lot of fun.

I’m hoping to get lots of help & comments here and on my blog.


BROL Threads started by me on my Citi:

New features added to Garmin Connect

As of 03/04, the following new features are listed at Garmin Connect:

  • Search Activities ~Search for public activities posted by Garmin Connect customers.
  • Laps Splits ~Display a more robust splits table from laps created by device.
  • Match Sport Mode on Device ~Automatically categorize activity type based on the sport mode used on device.
  • Send Courses to Device ~Send a course file from an activity at Garmin Connect to a compatible Garmin fitness device for navigation and Virtual Partner training.
  • Export .TCX Files ~Export individual activities at Garmin Connect to third-party software and websites.

If only my activities had been migrated and I could use these features. The wait continues…