D-Day [Delivery Day]

Fay [frameset] arrived at 3:10 p.m EST. I hope to begin ordering components in April. They will be a non-charge card purchases. Pictures here…

Citi delivery & assembly

Trying a different idler chain keeper

Seems my thread stating my regards for Catrike has become a discussion [BROL & Catrike] on my low-ground clearance and idler damage on 2 occasions. It seems that members of both boards want to solve problems and that is good. I’ve received numerous suggested solutions. I’ve implemented one:

At least I’ll ride with it and see how it works. Thanks to LayZeeD of BROL, A.K.A PhattKatt of the Catrike Board, for offering his suggestion. ElSobrante of Catrike & BROL also offered a similar suggestion. After I’ve ridden the trike with this mod, I’ll do a bit of cleanup to make it neater. Thanks to all for their comments! –jim

Here is a collage of photos of me implementation of LayZeeD’s suggestion:
Solution to the chain keeper problems

Yet a few more modifications to Silk [sans fairing]

This, the removal of the Mueller fairing

More pictures