Reasons to buy a Catrike

Hey, I like my Catrike 700. It meets my expectations–purchased (without test riding) from Dana at Bent Up Cycles. My only problem has been a few collision with the idler because of low-ground clearance. I have and can deal with that. My seller and Terracycle have been most responsive to that problem. I think the 700 lends itself to stylin’ as evidenced by Silk. Now, besides all that, I bought and recommend you consider a Catrike because:

Key company officials [Paulo, Mark, and their spouses (they remember who you are–thanks Rafaella and Heidi)] are accessible and would have you think they [the spouses] are also company officials. They remember who you are and converse with you so comfortably. Catrike officials take the time to talk to you, respond to your e-mails, phone calls, etc. The intangibles of this kind of contact only enhances the purchase value of a trike you buy from them. Plus, I purchased a trike made in America!

I see Catrike as a family grounded in trike owners and the manufacture, with effective communications facilitated by the Catrike Message Board. When the owner of the company stops and sits in your booth at lunch–that is special and helps keep customers. When you are appreciated–that is special! My observations are over a 2-year period–nothing has changed. Whether it is the rally or regular business, Catrike is in-tune with its market and the buyers of its product. It should be no wonder that one of their products has been selected as “Trike of the Year” by ‘Bentriders online six years in a row.

If you are considering a recumbent, try a trike. The trike to try is a Catrike. It is a good buy as attested by its many riders [as I have observed over a 2-year period]. Of course, I own one and know first-hand what I experience. They have many products from which to choose. There has to be a Catrike for you. With a purchase of one, you get a very friendly community [dealers and buyers] and a company that will be there for you–all the time.

Just one person’s opinion…

jim artis [owner CT7225 ~ Silk]