Silk sleeps in the van tonight…

The functional utility of this platform is that I can also use it in my van to better and more easily secure the trike as I transport it. The tie-down bar and rear wheel stop facilitate this.

After getting her weight checked today, I placed the multifunctional weighing platform in the van. In this mode, it is used to tie down the trike. I’m using bungee cords to secure the trike. I want to get a longer black one to secure the rear of the trike. The platform works in the van as I had planned. I’ll take a few pictures and post them tomorrow.

Primal Jersey is to arrive tomorrow

My more formal riding jersey, that is. This is GOOD! Ordered 02/18; shipped 02/19 & scheduled for delivery 02/24.

Silk-lite, gets weighed

Having removed the panniers, rack, and rack bag, I weighed my Catrike 700 today. Those accessories off, Silk weighs in at 53 pounds. Again, that’s 33 pounds for the trike and 20 pounds for everything else, including water & tools. It is possible to ride lighter or heavier, relative to small items being removed or added. I do not think that would amount to 5lbs either way. Anyway, here are today’s photographs.


It will soon be time…

…to start building-up Fay.

Frameset ships...Photo courtesy of Nanda and used with his permission [edits by jalexartis]