Scale display and its base

I have finished the modification [earlier I wanted to, but did not have the wheel from my LBS] to the scale head or display. This is my novel approach to replacing the pole that would have connected the display to the scale. I’m using a 20″ wheel where is dished as flat as possible on one side. I placed the display connector on the top-side of the wheel. I use an axle to tie it all together. To avoid buying a fatter tire, I’m using 4 rubber pads on the bottom-side of the tire for ground contact. Works for me…

More collages are in my flickr Workstand, etc. Set. I now have to weigh Silk in her lite-mode [panniers, rack, and rack-bag removed].

CONGRATS! to Catrike

Bryan Ball, ‘BentRider Managing Editor, says: I actually thought that Catrike’s five year TOTY streak would end this year but our reader’s disagreed and kept the reign alive. They sited Catrike’s customer service, quality and the Villager’s value as reasons for voting. Many of them were also glad to see a Catrike that is easier to get on and off of that still offers all of the light weight and performance of the company’s other models.

Their Villager Model Trike was selected as the ‘Bentrider Online Trike of the Year [Reader’s Choice].

This is the 6th consecutive year that Catrike has been the Trike of the Year Winner.

Congratulation to Paulo Camasmie, owner, and his staff. I am happy to be a Catrike owner and ride the model [Catrike 700] that won the 2006 Award.

Discovery Launch Postponed

NASA Defers Setting Next Shuttle Launch Date

During a thorough review of space shuttle Discovery’s readiness for flight, NASA managers decided Friday more data and possible testing are required before proceeding to launch. Engineering teams have been working to identify what caused damage to a flow control valve on shuttle Endeavour during its November 2008 flight.

“We need to complete more work to have a better understanding before flying,” said Bill Gerstenmaier, associate administrator for Space Operations at NASA Headquarters in Washington. Gerstenmaier chaired Friday’s Flight Readiness Review.

“We were not driven by schedule pressure and did the right thing. When we fly, we want to do so with full confidence.”

The shuttle has three flow control valves that channel gaseous hydrogen from the main engines to the external fuel tank. Teams also have tried to determine the consequences if a valve piece were to break off and strike part of the shuttle and external fuel tank.

The Space Shuttle Program has been asked to develop a plan to inspect additional valves similar to those installed on Discovery. This plan will be reviewed during a meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 25. Afterward, the setting of a new target launch date may be considered.

Fri, 20 Feb 2009 11:51:32 PM EST

This is the closest I have come to seeing a shuttle launch. I’d rather watch the launch on TV, and have the crew safe, than possibly an unsafe launch while I’m in the Orlando area. Wednesday, 02/25, we may learn the new launch date.
On to the Catrike Rally…