No wheel for my scale head today

I was busy doing computer stuff anyway. I hope to get the wheel tomorrow. I’m hoping to have one side of the wheel flattened. My wrench [LBS lead mechanic] is off today. So, I have to wait until tomorrow to know that it can be done and to place the scale head on it. Okay, With all the other work, I got the final weigh of a loaded Catrike 700. It comes at a weight of 33 lbs. Add 27 lbs of gear, accessories, equipment, and water and I have a 60 lb trike. Actually, the weight is just a few tenths below the 60-pound mark. Again, this is Silk in the touring mode. Tomorrow, I’ll check her weight in the lite-mode. This is the mode she is normally ridden in. Of course, I took a few pictures again today and here they are.